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Why should your child begin with MYC?

  • Because it's fun! In addition to being of superior quality, very comprehensive, confidence building and a wonderful way to begin the study of music.

  • Because the child and parent bond as a "music team" during lessons and that carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.

  • Because this program provides so much musicianship training to young children that it's got to be seen and heard to be believed.

  • Because 24,000 happy students a year can't be wrong!

Music for Young Children creates the happy habit of music learning!

This age-appropriate program is carefully geared and paced to the abilities and learning styles for each age group. Each level includes listening activities for developing melodic and rhythmic dictation, chord quality identification, dynamics and articulations.

MYC provides the structure for music learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Their learning styles and needs are met through a multi-sensory approach using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, auditory digital, and analytical learning styles.

The keyboard geography begins in a D-centered approach and reading skills are developed through careful, incremental introduction of note reading with constant review.

Students meet in small groups once a week for an hour and are accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent or caregiver) who participates in the program. The program lasts from three to five years, depending on the age of the child, with each year consisting of thirty six lessons. Final year keyboard includes playing grade one conservatory or late-elementary standard piano repertoire and folk songs.

Children are empowered to set goals in their music learning while experiencing a playful, positive environment.

MYC is the only child centered music learning system that integrates keyboard, solfege, movement, rhythm, singing, ear training, sight reading, music theory, and composition.

Meet our New MYC Teacher:
Krista-Dawn Kimsey

Krista-Dawn Kimsey has been imparting the happy habit of learning music to ages 2 to adults for the past two decades. She began her own piano studies at the age of 3, and received the Gold Medal for the highest mark in Canada for her Associate Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Washington, Krista-Dawn has performed and mentored other musicians all over the world, from Kiev to Nigeria. Also an accomplished singer, she has led worship for groups of 50 to 20,000 on 5 continents.

After adding 2 children into her family, she came across the Music for Young Children program designed to introduce music to little ones, including her own. She is thrilled to offer the Sunrise program for 2 and 3 year olds. The Sunrise program develops the elements of musical core competency for pre-schoolers in a very fun, engaging and holistic manner. Included in each lesson are both group and individual singing, listening activities, playing of rhythm instruments, fine and gross motor activities and rhythm development. The class will be an active and enjoyable experience for everyone and we are confident that it will become a weekly highlight for your children. Be prepared to bond with your child, learning and laughing your way into a life-long love of music!

Registered MYC Teacher:
Leora Cashe

With over ten years of teaching children's movement and music classes, Leora is thrilled to be teaching Music for Young Children at Showcase Piano Academy. She uses the intrinsic power of music to cultivate in her students their intellect, self-discipline, emotions and self-motivation. A musical community is created in the classroom where all can learn from one another and contribute to the greater good.

Having recently returned from teaching with the award winning Music House for Children in London, UK, Leora has over twenty years of professional music performance experience including numerous productions with Vancouver's Arts Club Theatre. She is an accomplished graduate of Edmonton's Grant MacEwan jazz program, has released four critically acclaimed CDs and has performed throughout North America and Europe.

Leora is an extraordinary music teacher of young children and has found a way to impart her own musicianship with those that study with her. Her goal is to goal is to empower each child to courageously share their musical ideas and songs, experience the joy of music making, and happily play the piano every day.

"Music For Young Children is at the cutting edge of Early Childhood Music Programs. The curriculum is holistic and inspired. I highly recommend this experience as the doorway into the wonderful world of music!" – Clark Bryon, Concert Pianist

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Fall classes beginning the week of September 8, 2014


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Sunshine 1
Wednesday 4pm – 5pm (Now open!)
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Saturday 9:30am – 10:30am (3 spots left!)
Accelerated: Saturday 11:40 – 12:40 (3 spots left!) – inquire here!
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Sunbeams 1
Wednesday pm (FULL) – join our waitlist here!
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Choose from the following time slots:

Sunshine 2
Wednesday 5 – 6pm (3 spots left!)
Accelerated: Saturday 10:35 – 11:35 (4 spots left!) – inquire here!
Saturday 1 – 2pm (3 spots left!)
Sunday 2:05 – 3:05pm (FULL) – join our waitlist here!

Sunbeams 2
Wednesday 7 – 8pm (4 spots left!)
Sunday 1pm – 2pm (4 spots left!)


... students learn the core elements of music as well as core elements of English. Through singing they will learn the basic melodic concepts of tempo, dynamics, high-middle-low, patterns and the ability to hear a pitch and sing it back. In song and games, they will learn their English ABCs, colors, shapes and words to many everyday objects. Each lesson teaches your child their numbers and counting in English by playing various rhythm instruments as well as building a strong understanding of beat and core rhythm elements. This course is an excellent jump start to understanding essential musical elements before they develop the finger strength to begin playing an instrument.


... students begin by learning keyboard geography using pre-staff notation and keyboard critters. By the end of the first year, Sunshines are playing in C major and middle C positions and are reading from the staff.


... students begin with keyboard geography using pre-staff notation and then quickly move along to the grand staff to play songs and scales in C major, G major, and A minor. Because vocabulary development is the forte in this age group , the program is rich with songs and games.


... students want "quick results" and the songs, ensembles and keyboard repertoire are designed to support their growing sense of independence. Students begin with keyboard geography, note reading in the treble and bass clef, and by the end of the year they are playings songs and scales in C, G, D, F major and A and E minor.

"The Music for Young Children program has to be counted as the dominant force in the musical training of young children in Canada today. The MYC teachers have found the right balance. They successfully blend the pleasure and joy of music making with the rigour of a well-crafted pedagogical progression." – Marc Widner, Chief Examiner emeritus, RCME

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